Monday, March 1, 2010

Get Milk

We got seriously off track with drinking raw milk this summer. We took Finn off all dairy for quite awhile there and that, combined with serious money issues, made the 45 minute drive to get milk seem completely unworth it. But, we slowly re-introduced dairy to Finn and since he's been fine with it and our milk consumption went back up I decided that it was high time we get back to swilling the good stuff.
Two Fridays ago after dropping Steve off at work Finn and I made the drive to Wilson Farms. I figured he wouldn't remember our previous trips but I was wrong. Upon mention of going to get milk his eyes lit up. "See doggies? And kitties?!" he yelled excitedly from the back seat.  For him the best part of getting milk was not the milk, or the cookies that the farmers stuffed his pockets with, or getting to pet new born calves. It was always the barn dogs and cats. He is such a cat person. As soon as we parked ouside the dairy shed, he spied the big orange cat perched in the window. "KITTIE!!! Pet da kittie!". He couldn't scramble inside fast enough.  We lugged our gallon containers inside and he immediately made a beeline for the half sleeping cat.  I tried to catch up with the owner of the farm, but Finn's sole interest was in petting the kittie. Luckily, the owner was quite understanding and dipped him out a cup of fresh milk and produced a cookie to munch on while playing with the critter.  Our jugs filled, I had a heck of a time explaining that the kittie could not, in fact, come home with us.
"Kittie? Home? In da car?"
"No, peanut. Kittie has to stay here. "
"Kittie makes Mommy sneeze, so he can't come in the car. Sorry buddy."

Thankfully, a meltdown did not occur. He seemed okay with the promise that we'd come back and visit the kittie soon.  And now almost two weeks later, he's still telling the "get milk" story anytime he sees a picture of a cat. It goes something like this:

"Aww, kittie... Mommy get milk. Byes in da car. Get milk. See kittie. Kittie, maowwww. Get cookie. Petted da kittie. Maowwww. Nice. Is black kittie. No, is orange kittie. Is orange."


Martini said...

oh kittehs! <3

your little one and i are going to have grand adventures when i come visit this summer.


MamaShark said...

pffft, I'm smuggling you back to the U.S. in my suitcase in April. Yay! I get to see you in 6 weeks!