Tuesday, February 23, 2010

quick tidbit

This was too long for a facebook blurb, so I suppose I'll stick it here. It's too funny not to write up.

So, I'm standing in the kitchen peeling Finn's second clementine for the day (he's developed an addiction I think), when I see him sneaking into his hiding spot. Our kitchen counter extends to the wall but the cabinets underneath do not since there's a heating vent on that wall. This leaves a little space perfect for Finn to hide in. Oh, and by "sneak" I mean he does everything imaginable to make sure someone notices him going into hiding. So, he's in his hiding spot and I pretend not to notice. Usually I pretend to be in a panic and yell "Where's Finn?" or something along those lines. But I didn't right away today and after waiting a few seconds I guess he got impatient because i heard "Where's Pinn? Where's Pinn?" from under the counter along with a stifled giggle.  He barely ever attempts his name since he can't make the "F" sound properly. After holding back my laughter I repeated back "Where's Finn? Where's my little boy?" and he ran out and exclaimed "Dere's Pinn!"

Oh, little man, you are priceless.


Martini said...

how effing cute!


MamaShark said...

he totally did it just so I would pass along his cuteness along to you. he's smooth like that.

Liz said...

So Cute! Caitlin is also addicted to clementines. Must be the time of year? I dunno, but she loves them.

And she does a similar thing when she hides and we don't immediately start asking where she is. They are so much fun at this age.

Her other favorite thing right now is walking around with a little pad of paper and a crayon pretending to take notes and draw things she seems while talking/babbling.

These kids crack me up!