Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well, since I've been asked two times this week "where did your blog go?" I suppose I'll resurrect it.

So, Finn turns two this Sunday. He's somehow gone from this:

To this:

Pretty unbelievable if you ask me. I can't figure out where two years have gone. He's so darn remarkable and lightyears cooler than I will ever be. His vocabulary is astonishing and terrifying. He has little conversations with himself these days. Just yesterday he was helping in the kitchen and he plucked a magnet off the fridge and had the following exchange with himself: "Coe-lor's that? Dat's blue! No, it's not owange, it's blue! Mummy, it's blue!" So funny. He's also become obsessed with anatomy lately, and being a little boy ,his focus is on one certain body part. He delights in yelling "penis" or "my junk!" any time his pants come off. So far no public outbursts have occured, but I'm sure it's in our near future. Christmas was fun this year, since he had a little more sense of what was going on. He made out like a bandit (as usual). He has no idea what to make of this birthday business though. He knows that he gets to blow out a candle (which he's very excited about) and it involves the cake sitting in the fridge (which he's very, very excited about). I'm excited to see his face when he opens his presents. Steve's dad got him a mailbox playset, which I can already see being the hit of the party. Finn loves, LOVES to get the mail.  The playset has a big wooden USPS drop box and has letters and postcards of different sizes to sort and match up. He's going to have a blast with it. Steve and I got him a big set of wooden food that I think Finn will love as well. He played with some over Christmas and really liked telling us what each piece was and making pretend meals, so this should go over well. I'm really relieved that we're keeping it low key this year. Just having the grandparents and Uncle Mike over.  It was great seeing so many people last year, but OMG. The planning and organizing was awful. Not to mention wasting all that money on a hall rental. Ugh. That still irritates me.  I'm sure we'll have many birthday blowouts down the road to look forward to, so I doubt we'll miss one this year.

Finn turning two also means we're hitting another marker. I've said for ages now that when he turns two I'd get my IUD out and we'd start trying for velociraptor #2.  The lack of insurance is putting this on hold at the moment, but I think it's something that I'll be doing in the near future. I think we've both been having the baby pangs lately. I know I certainly have. And Steve has been quick to point out cute tiny babies when we're out and about.  Sure, Finn drives me nutso at times, but when he's his usual sweet, goofy, affectionate, there's just nothing better in the world. And when he cuddles up and says "Kiss? Hug?" he just melts my heart. Another one of those? It's not even a question really.

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Anonymous said...

oh TWO little ones? you'll definitely need a nanny soon... good thing i graduate next year! <3

give the little squirt the biggest hug and kiss you can manage for me!

i miss you and can't freaking WAIT to see you!