Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday bonanza

Finn's party on Saturday was a hit. Papa Bill showed up early in the morning (with donuts from Mighty Fine. Yum!) which pleased the birthday boy very ,very much.  Steve and his dad took off into town while Finn napped. He didn't nap long though. Just barely long enough for me to get the decorations up and put the meatballs in the crockpot. He' been awake for just a few minutes when Nana and Grammy showed up with the rest of the food for the festivities, followed closely by Steve and Bill. We made the mistake of putting his presents out, and played a rousing game of keep-away until the rest of our guests showed up.  Pap and Uncle Mike showed up, along with great Uncle Jeff and Gram Janice.  Finn hardly knew what to make of it all.  After stuffing ourselves full of super yummy food, Finn finally got to open his presents. He lost all interest in them though once he opened the computer from Steve and I.  So the adults took turns opening the presents and showing them to the toddler hunched over the laptop.  Oh well. We figured he'd be super amped about blowing out his candle, as he begs to have candles lit just so he can blow them out. But no. He extinguished his birthday candle with his hand. What a goober.  Now for some pictures!

This year's attempt at making the cake was far more successful than last year's:

Nana and Pap showed up with a huge bag of peanutbutter M&M's, so he didn't eat any of this yummy lunch. Way to go Nana and Pap...

Showing off his new Batman shirt. He was really excited about it until he saw the computer...
Crammed inside the ballpit/tent/tunnel complex from Nana and Pap. It's ginormous. We're going to have to buy the huge victorian house we've been looking at just to have somewhere to put this thing. Finn adores it though. He loves asking people to "Come in!" when they walk by.

After all the guests left, Finn lasted about another hour before he completely crashed. Easiest bedtime ever.

On Sunday, we took him to our favorite local Mexican restaurant for lunch. The boy loves tacos. He had no interest in his taco though, instead he focused his eating powers on the bowl of chips and salsa. All the while, trying to charm the little girl at the next table.  He even tried to impress her with a little dance and his Spanish skills. Okay not so much skills, as ability to repeat "gracias!"

That's about it. All in all, a very nice birthday weekend for the little guy. I have more to update, but I'll save it for another post. Later yinz guys!


Sarah said...

Birthdays are so much fun! I can't wait for our first! (My son will be 1 in May) That was quite a birthday cake! :)

Amanda said...

Ashley, the cake is sooo cute! You did a Great Job on it!! I cant beleive how big Finn is getting!! and 2 already WOW!!!
I'm glad you brought back your blog!!