Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One week out

From moving. Oh my goodness. Thank goodness. I'm about to lose my mind here.

So, we got the retro range last week. And it's being kept safe for us until we move in, so we had one less thing to lug into the storage locker last Saturday. That was a fun move let me tell you. Ugh. I never ever want to move again. Seriously. On the upside I did get to spend a good bit of the day with Liz in Erie, taking some of Finn's outgrown clothing to Once Upon a Child. Hopefully she and Melia will be coming down for a few days once we're settled into the new house. Downside: No wings. I guess Antler's doesn't open until 8 on Saturdays. Darn our luck. Maybe next time.

Today Finn and I went to town and had tea with Bethany and her sweet little guy Harper. I haven't seen B since...forever ago. It was excellent catching up with her and exchanging baby stories and whatnot. Hopefully we can do it again soon. It's nice to have another level-headed mom to talk to. And she took Finn's Gdiapers off my hands, so one less thing to pack. Bonus.

Now off to enjoy a late lunch while the doozer dozes and round up ingredients for dinner tonight.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Moving, moving, moving

Appliance shopping yesterday. I was supposed to wait to go with Steve tonight, but mom, Finn and I were in the general area of teh used appliance store yesterday, so I snuck a peek. Well, intended on sneaking a peek and ended up putting a deposit down on a washer/dryer set and an amazing 1950's extra wide range. Which led to a panicked phone call to the landlady to make sure said extra wide range will actually fit in the kitchen (it will! Yay!). Steve and I are still going to scoot in there tonight so he can have a look (and so help me god if he doesn't like the range...) and we can pay the balance off and arrange for delivery. We're still in desperate search of a couch. I've messaged a guy in our local freecycling group about furniture he has up for grabs twice now. First to ask if he had pictures of the sofa and then again to say heck we'll just take it anyways. I've yet to hear back from him at all. That might be my biggest pet peeve. People that don't respond to emails/texts/phone calls in a timely manner. I mean, heck, if I can manage to do it while having a crazed toddler running around yelling "Pickle! Pickle! Pickle!" I dont see why others can't. And yeah. That's Finn's new exclamation. We're not sure why, other than he really likes stealing pickles from others plates. He ran around the bathroom yesterday while I was brushing my teeth yelling it over and over. Today he's added "Bugga, bugga, bugga!" in with the "Pickle!". What a nut.

Tomorrow we head north to Erie to fetch our stuff out of the attic at my father-in-law's house. Fun stuff. Lots of heavy lifting. And I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that there will also be copius amounts of wings from Antler's as well. I could eat two dozen right about now. Yummmm

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Homeward bound

Annnnd we have a house to call our own! Excellent.
It's small, but should prove roomy enough for us. There's a large basement that's nice and dry that will make a great workshop for me and my sewing hi jinks (although part of me wants to use it as a skating rink). The two larger bedrooms will be ours and a spare room, while the small one will be Finn's domain. There's plenty of closet/storage space, which we'll need. And the back yard is very roomy. The space for our garden is already mapped out for us, so I suppose I should be seed shopping. There's even a chicken coop and a small barn with horse stalls (though technically they belong to the landlord's house next to ours. Maybe she'd be willing to let us keep a few hens...). The owner is very nice. She breeds siberian huskies and runs a grooming business out of her home. And apparently she knows most of my family. She even grooms my cousin's akita. It is a small town after all. Only real downside is that we have to bring in our own fridge and stove. We'll be taking one of my parent's extra fridges and I guess looking around for a used stove. Sigh. The possibilities of this place excite me. Especially the thought of possibly buying it next year. The owner is selling her home right now, and said she's planning on doing a rent-to-own with this house next year sometime. We could be honest to goodness homeowners. Right now though I'll just be happy to be an honest to goodness gardener this summer. Hmmm, where does one get good seeds these days?

Monday, March 9, 2009

While the dragon lays sleeping...

...I'll add a happier update.

Finn has been a master adventurer lately. A regular Indiana Jones. Last week during our bout of unseasonably warm weather we took him to the turf field of my alma mater. I don't know what it is about the fake grass, but he goes absolutely CRAZY about it. I think he ran the length of the field three times. And on Saturday with the pond thawed out I took him for a spin on the paddle boat while Steve and my dad raced their rc boats around us (much to the annoyance of the ducks). We also took him to the park and he learned to scale the play center and go down the slide by himself. Hilarious. And when we go out we get bombarded by "Dat? MumMum, Dat?" as he points to something impatiently. He has to know what everything is. He does the same for his books when we look through them in the evening. His curiosity and sense of adventure make me really excited to move soon. Steve is going to take a peek at a house in North Washington that looks very promising. It's on the outside edge of our budget, but it would be so perfect. If it means I have to work a few days a week I'd be okay with that. It's 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, energy efficient and comes with an acre of land (I know it's hardly my dream farmland, but it's certainly enough for a good sized garden). I'm crossing my fingers and my toes that we can claim this place as our own. We need it.

Know what else we need? The yummy chicken vindaloo I'm making for dinner. Tasty. And if Finn wakes up from this peculiar long nap in a good mood, I think cupcakes are in order as well. Oh boy.

Friday, March 6, 2009


So it seems all this time that the store bought milk was indeed to root of all Finn's evil. After a full day of having raw milk he started sleeping peacefully again. And get this, after two days he SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. Holy hell. Normally we put him down in his bed and then move him in with us when we head up for the night. But he was sleeping so peacefully and sound that we let him be. He didn't wake up until 5 the next morning. Of course I still woke up at 1 and toss and turned, not knowing what to do with so much bed all to myself and Steve. And his horrendous trouble with pooping has completely disappeared as well. Hooray!!

That said, he still has his difficult times. Yesterday he was so over the top whiny and clingy. Nothing I did was right by him. And he was so sleepy and yet would NOT nap. He got so crazy that I snapped at him. Actually yelled is more like it. Which made him cry even more. Which made me burst into tears. I had to call Steve to come home from work to take care of us both. I felt like such a failure. I struggled so hard when Finn was younger to get over my PPD. To have it flash back like that out of no where was scary and humiliating. I felt better though after making the drive out to Wilson's to get more milk. I think all the stress and tension around here lately is eating away at me. I'll feel so much better once we get a new house pinned down and our car back from the shop.