Friday, March 20, 2009

Moving, moving, moving

Appliance shopping yesterday. I was supposed to wait to go with Steve tonight, but mom, Finn and I were in the general area of teh used appliance store yesterday, so I snuck a peek. Well, intended on sneaking a peek and ended up putting a deposit down on a washer/dryer set and an amazing 1950's extra wide range. Which led to a panicked phone call to the landlady to make sure said extra wide range will actually fit in the kitchen (it will! Yay!). Steve and I are still going to scoot in there tonight so he can have a look (and so help me god if he doesn't like the range...) and we can pay the balance off and arrange for delivery. We're still in desperate search of a couch. I've messaged a guy in our local freecycling group about furniture he has up for grabs twice now. First to ask if he had pictures of the sofa and then again to say heck we'll just take it anyways. I've yet to hear back from him at all. That might be my biggest pet peeve. People that don't respond to emails/texts/phone calls in a timely manner. I mean, heck, if I can manage to do it while having a crazed toddler running around yelling "Pickle! Pickle! Pickle!" I dont see why others can't. And yeah. That's Finn's new exclamation. We're not sure why, other than he really likes stealing pickles from others plates. He ran around the bathroom yesterday while I was brushing my teeth yelling it over and over. Today he's added "Bugga, bugga, bugga!" in with the "Pickle!". What a nut.

Tomorrow we head north to Erie to fetch our stuff out of the attic at my father-in-law's house. Fun stuff. Lots of heavy lifting. And I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that there will also be copius amounts of wings from Antler's as well. I could eat two dozen right about now. Yummmm

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