Friday, March 6, 2009


So it seems all this time that the store bought milk was indeed to root of all Finn's evil. After a full day of having raw milk he started sleeping peacefully again. And get this, after two days he SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT. Holy hell. Normally we put him down in his bed and then move him in with us when we head up for the night. But he was sleeping so peacefully and sound that we let him be. He didn't wake up until 5 the next morning. Of course I still woke up at 1 and toss and turned, not knowing what to do with so much bed all to myself and Steve. And his horrendous trouble with pooping has completely disappeared as well. Hooray!!

That said, he still has his difficult times. Yesterday he was so over the top whiny and clingy. Nothing I did was right by him. And he was so sleepy and yet would NOT nap. He got so crazy that I snapped at him. Actually yelled is more like it. Which made him cry even more. Which made me burst into tears. I had to call Steve to come home from work to take care of us both. I felt like such a failure. I struggled so hard when Finn was younger to get over my PPD. To have it flash back like that out of no where was scary and humiliating. I felt better though after making the drive out to Wilson's to get more milk. I think all the stress and tension around here lately is eating away at me. I'll feel so much better once we get a new house pinned down and our car back from the shop.

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