Saturday, February 28, 2009

Moo cows

So, after yet another night of tossing and turning on the behalf of our beloved mini monster something had to be done. This evening Steve and I finally packed up our milk bottles and headed to Worthington in search of Wilson Farms/Le-Ara Holsteins. We took probably the longest way there (my stupid idea) but we still made it in time to buy 2 gallons of fresh milk. This was made even more awesome by the fact that we didn't see anyone around when we got there and when we walked around the barn a bit and stumbled into one of the owners she led us through the barn where the cows were happily tucked in for the night. It was strangely awesome to see the actual cows that produced the milk that we purchased. And they had made it not even and hour before it was funneled into our jugs. Excellent. We hurridly brought it home to have a sample. Steve had never tried it and the closest I've had is raw goat milk and that was years and years ago. Finn even tried some cold and was licking his chomps afterwards (plus he got it for his bedtime drink slightly warmed up). Without a doubt, it's the best milk ever. Just slightly creamier than the store bought stuff and sooo much better for you. Want the facts? Go to I've been touting the facts of real milk to Steve for ages now but he just finally read the page and was thoroughly blown away. It's pretty astounding that they sell the pasturized-homogenized stuff at all.

Now we just need some chickens and a garden and we can commence to be crazy livin' off the land recluses.

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