Friday, February 6, 2009

One small step...

You know what's difficult to do? Maintaining a blog when you have a crazy, active soon-to-be toodler. It's true. And he will indeed be a toddler in just a week. How insane is that? I can't believe he went from teensy (okay, not really teensy) human larvae to this chubby-cheeked maniac in just a year. Just last night I pulled him out of his bed and into ours and snuggled him on my chest, like we used to when he was brand new. I got a little teary-eyed realizing that a year ago his little toes used to be curled up at my stomach when we'd snuggle like that. And now his feet nearly reach my knees. And then I realized that I was also getting teared up because I couldn't breath. There's a big difference between an 8 pound baby curled up on you and a 26 pound toddler sprawled out on your upper body. Sigh. Later in the night, he woke up just enough to roll over and wrap his arm around my neck and muttered a little nonsense song into my shoulder. Double sigh. No matter how much hell he raises during the day, little things like that make up for it all.

And he's walking now. Not full-fledged, all the time walking. But he's certainly getting there. In just a few days he's gone from taking a few steps here and there to walking in a big circle in the kitchen. And just today he walked the entire way across the living room. I don't know who gets more excited about it either, us or him. Every few steps he pauses and lets out a victorious yell. It's pretty funny actually. He knows he's doing something big. And he also seems to be pretending. We noticed last week that he was holding his hand up to his cheek and ear a lot and couldn't for the life us figure out what he was doing. Then yesterday he picked up his play cell phone and did the same. And later when the cell phone wasn't around I gave him this empty tic tac box that he's obsessed with and he held it up to his ear too and babbled away. I was like "Oh! That's what you were doing with your little hand! " And then a second after that he dropped the box into his potty (he had been peeing at the time) and that was the end of the beloved tic tac box cell phone. Speaking of pottying, the EC seems to have really taken effect lately. Especially with pooping. He'll signal that he's got to go (usually an impatient grunt and this curious stare) and he'll wait for me to get him to the potty to actually go. It's very rare these days that I have to change a poopy diaper. Which, I think, is reason enough to use EC with him and our next child as well. It really is so easy and just kind of comes naturally after awhile, I can't get why more people in North America don't use it with their babies.

Have I mentioned I've been sewing. I'm pretty sure I have. Here's the doozer modeling a felt bib. In hindsight, probably not the best choice of fabric for a bib, but I'm still pretty happy with it.
Oops. Forgot to rotate. Again. Oh well. You get the idea. He went to his first Super Bowl party the other night....and lasted all of 20 minutes before we came home to have a bath and get tucked in to bed.

And these are from a bit of fun we had yesterday. He was modeling a new shirt from Nana (one of my favorite kinds too- H&M's organic cotton baby tees. They're super soft and under $7)

And he was also trying on custom boots that I ordered from a great gal on Etsy. They're technically a birthday present, so after this I put themaway until next Saturday. I'm fairly certain he won't remember.

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