Monday, January 12, 2009

Finn, the stair conquerer

Busy as usual in our household.
Steves new job has kept him busy outside of the house, while baby-wrangling and sewing have kept me going, going, going. I've been working on opening up my own shop on Etsy this past week or so, while at the same time restraining a very curious 11 month old from cracking open his little blonde skull. Today he, who showed no previous interest in going up steps besides standing at the bottom and yelling up, practically FLEW up the entire flight. No pause, no false steps, just motored right on up to the top (with me following behind). Once up there we played a bit of peeks around a door and then sat and read a half dozen books in his room. And yes, he's closing in on 1 year old. Geesh. Finn's also added two new words to his vocabulary. Dog and duck. And he attempts to make the noise that our ducks make when he sees them. Not so much a quack as it is a "aaaaauuuuuul", which actually is pretty close to the sound that the african geese make (those horrible, noisy bastards). He was supposed to go to a first birthday party for the son of one of Steve's co-workers, but as we woke up to a foot of snow and ice everywhere we stayed home and went sledding instead. We stuck to the small hill in the backyard for him, but Steve and I got more adventurous that night and tackled the huge, steep hills of the ballpark. So much fun. I quite suprised we didn't break anything.

As I mentioned I've been doing a lot of sewing. Mostly baby stuff-bibs, diapers, diaper covers, burp cloths, blankets, lovies, but also a few tries at pj pants and last night my first big tote bag (which for being completely freehanded turned out quite nice). Hopefully I'll be opening that etsy shop in the next week and even more hopefully it'll be profitable. If nothing else it's been great getting to be creative again. Seeing my ideas turned into a physical reality always makes me happy.

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