Thursday, February 26, 2009

Economic crisis

So, when Steve lost his job in Erie 8 months ago and couldn't find a new job in the area we packed our stuff and moved in with my parents. Steve found a great job in December and we've been trying to get our act together and get back on our feet. Then last month as I was having a heck of a time getting some pants on the boy, a sheriff showed up on the doorstep. I, of course, assumed it was some new antic of my brother that had brought him here. Instead I was served a foreclosure notice in my parents name. I was flabbergasted. How could my mom let them get so far behind that they would lose the house? Our house. The one solid place I've always been able to come back to. I have so many memories here. I know every little crack in the walls, every creak in the stairs, how to sneak in through the dining room window, and that the water from the bathroom sink faucet is far superior to the water from the kitchen sink. I've spent the past few summers enjoying all the hard work my dad has put into our pond. Helped raise several broods of ducks, helped trawl for the snapping turtle that ate the first few groups of ducks, and spent hours upon hours canoe-ing and then paddle boating around in lazy circles. And I had so hope for Finn to be able to spend some of his summer days here too. Teach him to roll down the big hill, to catch tadpoles and baby peep frogs. Now it might not happen at all. My parents got themselves a lawyer who has bought them two months before they have to move out. My mom spends her free time desperately searching for a rental property to move in to. They haven't rented since I was 3. That's how long they've been in this house. We were obviously planning on moving out (it's far too cramped here for all of us), but to suddenly have a's a bit overwhelming. And on top of that we have to get one of our cars fixed before we can even think of calling to take a look at a new place. What use is having a new place to live if we have no way to get us and our stuff there and no way for Steve to get to work from the new place? Ugh. After mom and dad move out of here I guess the house will be eventually put up for auction and they'll have a chance to buy back their own home. The lawyer assures them that if they buy it back it'll be at a much lower interest rate. But that of course is if they don't get outbid. How ridiculous is that? I'm so stressed and angry. Angry at the economy for being so shitty, angry at the mortgage company for being so heartless, angry at my mom for lying over and over again about how she had this "under control" and for spending hundreds of dollars of meaningless crap when the money was clearly needed elsewhere.

Deep breath.

So, yeah. That's the kind of junk we're dealing with these days. While it has been a great kick in the behind to find our own place, it's probably the worst situation ever.

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