Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good-bye cold

Thankfully Finn slept through most of the night last night. Hallelujah. It was most unexpected after yesterday morning and his 90-minute screamfest. That was flipping awful. No matter what I did he just screamed, and screamed and screamed. Poor guy. But he's back to his normal, inquisitive, adventuresome self today. Yay!

Speaking of screaming, I mentioned in my last post that Finn had a rough time after getting vaxed last week. And so did we, not so much from Finn's crankiness, but from the way our beloved Dr. Barber (aka Dr. Tim Burton) acted during our check-up. I mentioned to him that we were curious as to what was making Finn toss and turn all night long. He asked me what our bedtime routine was (Finn gets a bath, has a bottle or cup of milk and either goes to sleep immediately afterwards or stays up for an hour or so and then he goes to bed), and upon hearing this I got scolded harshly. I was told that he's "looking" for the bottle in his sleep and that we should not give him one before bedtime. And when I mentioned that he's fine and completely still for naps when I snuggled with him to get him to sleep, I got scolded again and told I should be letting him get himself to sleep. That I'm coddling him and giving him too much attention. That if he should cry out at night I should just ignore it. I was beyond shocked. We are very anti-CIO (cry it out). Both Steve and I consider the practice child abuse. And to find out that Dr. Barber, a pediatric neurologist who is very pro-breastfeeding, pro-choice with vaccinating, is all about the CIO was just insane. And then when I talked to Finn (something along the lines of "Are you okay, bud?") when he fussed as the doctor examined him I got snapped at AGAIN. Dr. Barber said I was just perpetuating "his fake whining" and that I was going to make it worse by offering him comfort. Then when Finn burst into tears, the doctor actually handed me a specimen cup and told me to use it to save Finn's tears for later. I was livid by the time we left. My mom, who had accompanied us, was ready to have Barber's head on a stick. And to think just before the visit I had been sad because it would be our last visit to Dr. Barber because making the two hour drive is just ridiculous. Ugh. What a jerk-face he ended up being. I'm still peeved and it's a week later. I've been poking around trying to find a local pediatrician with a more natural approach to their practice, but so far the closest I've found is 45 minutes away. Sigh. And after this looooong bout of awfulness that Finn has gone through we will definitely not be vaxing our next wee one. Forget it. Never mind the chances of autism that vaxing has possibly been linked to, and the awful stuff in the vaccinations as well. I just don't care to have an insanely cranky baby for days on end.

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