Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Homeward bound

Annnnd we have a house to call our own! Excellent.
It's small, but should prove roomy enough for us. There's a large basement that's nice and dry that will make a great workshop for me and my sewing hi jinks (although part of me wants to use it as a skating rink). The two larger bedrooms will be ours and a spare room, while the small one will be Finn's domain. There's plenty of closet/storage space, which we'll need. And the back yard is very roomy. The space for our garden is already mapped out for us, so I suppose I should be seed shopping. There's even a chicken coop and a small barn with horse stalls (though technically they belong to the landlord's house next to ours. Maybe she'd be willing to let us keep a few hens...). The owner is very nice. She breeds siberian huskies and runs a grooming business out of her home. And apparently she knows most of my family. She even grooms my cousin's akita. It is a small town after all. Only real downside is that we have to bring in our own fridge and stove. We'll be taking one of my parent's extra fridges and I guess looking around for a used stove. Sigh. The possibilities of this place excite me. Especially the thought of possibly buying it next year. The owner is selling her home right now, and said she's planning on doing a rent-to-own with this house next year sometime. We could be honest to goodness homeowners. Right now though I'll just be happy to be an honest to goodness gardener this summer. Hmmm, where does one get good seeds these days?


Anonymous said...

Such excellent news! Very excited for you :) I had my fingers crossed that the house would work out. You'll have to post pictures of your garden as I definitely have garden envy (no yard here).

And the more I read about Finn the more amazed I am. That little man is growing up so fast. And so many words! I can't wait until Caitlin has more words, although we seem to still communicate fine without them, it would just be easier.

Yay house!

MamaShark said...

Thanks lady!

While Finn does have a lot of words, none of them are really useful (unless of course you want to know where the ducks are or you need reminded that you've poured a glass of pop). And he has a tendency to say lots of words once and then we'll never hear them again. Cookie, balloon, button...he knows what they are but I guess just doesn't care to name them anymore. Go figure. Most of his actual communication is still non-verbal, which works just dandy here too :)

Oh and though we probably won't have a computer at the new place for quite sometime, I'll find one way or the other to show off the garden's progress. I spent most of Finn's nap today seed shopping and wishlisting. I am such a garden nerd. Hehehe