Monday, December 14, 2009

should have stayed in bed.

We had some AMAZING weather yesterday. And by amazing, I mean shutting down every major highway. I was scheduled for a call-in at 12:30 (which means that I call the store an hour before and see if they need me or not). Given the wonderful weather conditions I started calling at 10 (to tell them I wouldn't be in until my solid shift at 4). No answer. I figured maybe we opened later since it was Sunday. Called again at 11. No answer. And again at 11:30 and 12. Uh-oh. Finally got a very flustered Rhonda on the phone at 12:30. Seems everyone had trouble getting there. What a bunch of awful. And when I did leave for work at 3:15, I got about 1/4 mile down the road and the noise we thought was being made by the brakes got really, really loud. So I turn the car back around, get home and discover I have no tire on my passenger side. Complete blowout. Ugh. Piled us all into Steve's car (which is any day away from blowing a head gasket. Stupid cars.) and got dropped off at work.  Two things did make my no-good-very-bad-day a little better though. Having pretty amazing co-workers (one of which is possibly procurring me some new tires for free) and watching Meet the Natives when I got home. Seriously, if you haven't watched it, and you enjoy seeing the way we live as Americans mocked, you need to see it.  Hilarious.
Back on the car though, the rim seems to be okay. And it looks like something had been rubbing on the inside wall of the tire, and that's what caused the blowout . Steve drove it (very carefully) to work today and is going to take a look at everything. No sense in putting new tires on first, if there's something that's going to cause another flat tire. Fingers crossed that it's not something uber expensive.

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