Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm getting pretty gosh darn excited. In a little less than 24 hours I say good-bye to my naked right arm and hello to a most excellent half sleeve filled with lots of underwater critters.  It's been a long time in coming, about three years to be exact. The last tattoo I got, my chest piece, was completed about a week before I got pregnant with Finn. Who knows, maybe this one will have the same baby-making effects. I'm planning on having my IUD removed after our trip to Toronto in April, so baby-making will definitely be on the horizon. Oh boy. Or girl.  Or as my mom LOVES to tease "maybe one of each!". Seriously, not funny mom. Not funny in the slightest. Speaking of my mom, she will be the one going with me to my appointment. This should prove to be interesting since she thinks the tattoo experience is like an episode of Miami Ink :  The tattoo customer prattles on and on about the deep, life changing meaning behind their choice of artwork and the artist is brought to tears by their emotional story and then relates a similar story of their own. I love her to pieces, but...really? She has a lot to learn. I went with her for her first tattoo and it was an experience I will not be repeating. She clung to my leg, cursing about the pain. For three hours. For a woman that went through 36 hours of labor, you'd really think she'd have handled it better.  Anyways, possible face-palm moments aside, it should be an enjoyable day. We're heading up to Erie early so I can look for a birthday party dress and have a delicious lunch. Meanwhile, with the nice weather we've been having (holy shit! Is that GRASS I see in our backyard?! No way!) Steve is planning on taking Finn to the zoo. I think this will be the first time he's taken a semi-big trip with Finn by himself. So, his day might be more hilarious than mine. I'm looking forward to comparing stories when we get home.

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