Monday, March 22, 2010

Dance dance revolution

Holy moses, what a weekend!

Headed out on our dance adventure on Saturday morning, with a stop in Grove City first to get a new car adapter for the iPod. From there we took the longest, most ridiculous way to Edinboro. The "scenic route", if you will.  Stopped in at the workshop to say hi to Dan, who was massively sweaty from teaching Charleston all morning. Had a few hours to kill before we started our class, so we drove to Erie to indulge in some sushi and hibachi. Okay, not "some". Massive amounts is more accurate. Headed back to the university for our class, praying that food would settle before we got to the dancing. Ow.

The class went so amazingly well. Everyone caught on surprisingly well and I think they all had a blast.  We even had a few of the old Rocco's crew show up, so that was really cool. The only times I felt flabbergasted were when I had to explain little stylistic bits that I do. I have no way to explain them to people other than "I'm just following Steve" or "I dunno. I've always done it that way."  For instance, apparently Steve and I have a signature move that we do with our shoulders. Neither of us have ever really thought about it, it's just something that we do. We got asked numerous times " are you doing that?" and all I could say was "I'm not doing anything. I'm just following."  Steve tried to break it down and explained it as a rowing motion, but it was still baffling I guess.  I think they'll get it more when they stop thinking so much about the movement. with blues dancing you can't overanalyze each step, you just have to go with the music. The class did a wonderful job of that when we had them dance with their eyes shut, so clearly the intention is there.  They're such an enthusistic group of kids, and I just adore them to pieces.

After many hours of dancing, Steve and I scooted home and reveled in the wonder that is a quiet, toddler free house. And a toddler free bed. Oh, the luxury!  We slept in, went out to my favorite Chinese place for lunch and swung by Lowes to price some lumber and to pick up a few seed packets.  We picked up a very sleepy Finn from Nana's and came home to work in the yard. Finn helped me plant the seeds in their pods and it was possibly the cutest thing ever. You could see the concentration on his face as he carefully picked up one seed at a time and pushed it into the soil. I wish I would have had more pods because he could have kept going with it.  Steve grilled up some yummy burgers for us and not long afterwards it was bedtime for everyone under the age of 3. Easiest bedtime ever. I think we're going to love spring and summer for the fact that Finn is too worn out to even attempt a fight at bedtime.  It's nice for a change.  I forsee a bad bedtime tonight though, since it's pouring outside, ruining any chance we had at burning off some energy. Oh well. Can't win them all.

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Martini said...

i wish i could come down and get some dance lessons. i seriously need them! haha

i'm soooo excited to see you, can't wait!!