Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First day

Deep breath.

Okay, so apparently my stress level from going back to work and the idea of leaving Finn with someone I didn't know made me overlook the most obvious answer to my dilemma. Luckily, my friend Vicki mentioned to me that she'd be willing to help out, and I was reminded that "Oh, yeah, she works at home and is Finn's best bud's mommy. Duh." So Finn went over there today and had a fun-filled day of co-napping, yummy lunch and lots of cars and coloring. I seriously could not thank Vicki enough. Knowing that Finn was with someone I knew and knowing that he wouldn't have a complete meltdown made my day much, much better.

As for my first day, it went very well. Mostly paperwork and the obligatory training video. Some product sampling and register training. I'm so rusty after not working for two years. And my adult conversation skills....damn near nonexistent. Definitely glad that I'll be working just a few shifts a week to start. And bonus, most of the shifts I'm scheduled for so far are after hours stocking/floor setting shifts. So I can abandon the restrictive dress code and be comfy without worrying if I have a tattoo showing.

In weird and possibly creepy news, the lady I had spoken to about babysitting Finn (who got replaced by Vicki) is really, really persistent. She called me, I'm not joking, withing minutes of me leaving work. I had mentioned what time I was working when I spoke to her the previous day. And when I called her last night to say I wouldn't be needing her I mentioned that I might have an idea of what I'd be working after my first day. I ignored the first call. Then she called again a few hours later and I answered. The following transpired:

Me: Hello?
Creepy lady: Hey, is this the lady who talked to me about watching her kid?
Me: Yes it is.
Creepy Lady: Do you need me to watch your kid tomorrow?
Me: Well, no, I don't work tomorrow.
Creepy Lady: Well, when do you need me to babysit?
Me: I told you this job is just a couple days a week until the holidays.
Creepy Lady: Will you need me this week sometime?
Me: No, actually I have my schedule for the next two weeks and all the shifts I'm working are when my husband is home. So he'll watch the baby.
Creepy Lady: Oh. How old's the baby?
Me: He's actually a toddler. He's 19 months.
Creepy Lady: Oh. well, what about next week? Will you need me next week anytime?
Me: No, I just told you, I have my schedule for the next TWO weeks. My husband will be able to take care of him those days.
Creepy lady: Well, then maybe in two weeks you'd need me to work then?
Me: Umm, I have no idea. I don't have a schedule for those weeks then.
Creepy lady: Well, do you know anyone else that needs a babysitter?
Me: No, I think everyone I know has teenagers that take care of themselves.
Creepy lady: Oh, teenagers....Well, you'll call me when you get your schedule, right? Cause I need to work, you know. needless to say, I will not be calling her. Ever. And I've blocked her number. The fact that she has my address kind of freaks me out (she was going to come by to meet Finn and figure out where we live. Apparently she felt she could easily get lost on the 1.5 mile straight-shot drive to our house).

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you yesterday and I'm SO GLAD that you found a solution that worked for you on your first day. I know how much I freaked out and cried over finding a day care that was just right and I remember how hard that first week was.

Sounds like all went well, so awesome :)