Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wrong side of the bed.

I don't know what's up with today. Finn and I have been butting heads all day long. He didn't want to eat breakfast. I wanted him to finish his cereal. He wanted to watch shrek 2...again. I begged him to watch Martha Speaks or read some books. I wanted to go to dance class. He wanted to leave the second we got there. This is just not our day I guess. I'm hoping a dinner of grilled cheese sammiches and Nana's tomato soup will patch up our wounds. :crosses fingers:

Yesterday was quite fun for everyone. My friend Liz was in Erie visiting her in-laws, and made the drive down to spend the day with us. Sadly, her in-laws kept her gorgeous daughter Melia with them, so Finn had no buddy to play with (read: to terrorize adults with). She graciously did a little modeling for me since I don't get much practice these days with my trusty camera (other than with Finn and his hammy self). We had a super yummy dinner and played Scrabble until she had to leave (far too soon). Hopefully her next stay with us will be longer :)

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