Monday, September 14, 2009

Toddlers, kayaks and everything in between

This might be lengthy, so bear with me. Lots of pictures ahead though, so it should be worth it.

Firstly, our party went very very well. Not as many people showed up for the actual picnic as we were expecting, but we had quite a nice turnout anyways. Finn had a blast playing with his friend Ethan's firetruck and with the bucket of ice that was keeping all the soda cold. Apparently ice is a great entertainment to all toddlers, as Ethan got in on the frosty action as well.

We had sooo much food. Actually we just finished up the last of our leftovers two days ago. I even pawned off several containers of goodies to my dance teacher to make a little room in my fridge, and still had enough to feed a small army. Finn as usual was more than ready to dive into stuffing himself silly with baked beans. His most excellent eating habits even convinced his buddy Ethan, who is usually reserved about trying new foods, to gobble up some beans.
I tried to surprise Steve with the fact that our friend Rob's parents, Ken and Kathie, were coming. But as usual, my mom ruined the surprise. But it was fantastic to see them nonetheless. and it saved me postage or a trip to Erie to deliver the photo book I had made of the photos of Ken and Rob's party a few weeks before. and it meant I got to see Kathie's reaction to it (she cried, just like I knew she would). After the "adults" cleared out we "kids" settled in around the bonfire for some s'mores and delicious sangria (courtesy of Kent and the ever adorable Paula). Lots of ranting and raving about music, health care, zombie movies and old friends was had and enjoyed by all. Definitely a spectacular evening.

Finn and I spent Friday morning picking the last of the veggies in our pajamas. Thankfully we're out of viewing from our neighbours. Lots of "pepples" and "to-toes". Finn particularly loves the cherry tomatoes and pops them right in his mouth straight from the vines. And as I discovered, straight from the table edge when you're not looking.

This picture is Steve's doing. I may be able to deal with toddler puke, clean up poopy diapers and even disembowel animals, but I can not, can NOT handle bugs. Steve came rushing into me on Sunday morning screaming "There's a praying mantis on the woodpile! Come see!" (he's very much the little boy when it comes to gross things). After vehemently declining, he opted for taking a picture of it. You know, to forever have something to gross me out with. The fact that the thing is leering into the lens like he's going to chomp off my head is enough to make me puke. :shudder:

Steve, the great white hunter, ventures down into the woods near the Cabins (more on those in a later journal) every chance he gets to scope out our deer population. Hunting season is rapidly approaching here and he's intent on knowing their habits. If you look closely you can see his main foe "the big buck" a.k.a "dinner" grazing right in the middle of the path.

After two failed attempts (one because my oven broke right after the second rise, and another where my dough didn't rise at all), I finally succeeded in making the Swedish cinnamon rolls featured in Eat Well and Prosper, the foodie blog I sometimes contribute to. You know, when I don't have a sick toddler, or a million loads of laundry to catch up on, or a busted stove. Anyways, they are simply amazing. I un-veganed them, so they might be a bit richer and definitely more fattening.

Sunday we went for a family stroll on the Allegheny River trail, the Foxburg to Parker leg of Rails-to-Trails. It's so pretty own there. Steve and I are hoping to go kayaking with our friend Jeb soon. I hope I'm up to it. The guys want to do the Kennerdale to Parker excursion which is, I believe, 25 miles of river fun.

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