Friday, September 4, 2009

Hives are gone! Yay!
So far we haven't found a food trigger. We're really thinking it was something outside. The only other possible culprits are the cereal (which I still haven't been tempted to give him, despite begging and pleading) and the body wash (now stashed in the hall closet and replaced with non scented stuff). One of those toddler mysteries we'll never have a answer to, I suppose.

This week has a been a veritable beehive of activity for us. we're having a nice little party tomorrow afternoon (to be followed by a bonfire later in the night), and we've been rushing to get everything done. For such a little place, we have an ENORMOUS amount of cleaning and organizing to do. Especially the poor guest room. Since it was the only place safe for the computer to reside it's been overtaken by our notebooks, cd's, photos, and other various junk. Now to find new homes for all this's pretty maddening. I'm glad we have people bringing food too. I can't imagine making all the food for this party. I've made an Amish-style coleslaw and a veggie tray so far, and I'll prep the burgers tonight after Finn is asleep. We're so looking forward to seeing everyone though!

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