Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Movin' on up.

We managed to survive moving with two children and an over sized dog-beast. How, I'm not entirely sure. It could possibly be due to my belated birthday present.

Cut back to the Wednesday before our big move-out. Steve had rented a small U-haul to take down a load of boxes to the new place and get the keys from the realtor. He had only taken a half-day off from work to do it (or so I was told) so he came rushing back to the old house, changed and headed back out the door. Before leaving he said something along the lines of "Your birthday present should be here today but I won't be here to see it arrive." He'd been hinting at this amazing, top secret present for a month. It kind of drove me batty. So, naturally I rushed out to check the mail that afternoon. No present. Just junk. Fast forward to later that afternoon, Finn was taking a late nap and I was feeding Cabbie. Steve strode in at his usual time and said "Hey, they left your present in the garage. I'm gonna bring it in, but you have to close your eyes. No peeking!"  Like an ass I closed my eyes and wondered what in the world it could be. I was also slightly miffed at the post lady because she never bothers to leave my packages in the garage even after I leave her notes telling her to do so. And I wondered why I needed to close my eyes at all, wouldn't the packaging disguise what the actual gift was? So, I'm sitting there like a complete befuddled moron when I here the door open and shut. Steve said "Okay, open 'em!" And what did I see before me? None other than my favorite Canadian lady, Martini. 
After crying and calling them both every name in the book I learned that Steve had taken the whole day off and driven up to Erie to fetch her from the Greyhound station.  And she was staying with us for the whole weekend and helping with the move.

And help she did. From meticulously packing boxes, to helping to lift our mammoth couch to entertaining a screaming 3-year old she was a relocation saint. I seriously don't think we could have done it without her. I'm pretty certain I would have resorted to homicide if she hadn't been here (well I still almost did).  Next time she's here I owe her big time.  Cookies galore and possibly a full body massage.

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