Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bits and pieces

So, after 4 months we finally have a computer. And then after a few more weeks of waiting, the cable company actually ran lines in our neck of the woods. Our little town is moving up in the world for sure.

This is our lovely little abode when we first moved in. I assure you it's much prettier and greener these days.

A month or so ago we took Finn to his first post-natal concert (he danced gleefully in my tummy when we saw Jimmy Eat World when I was 5 months preggo). The Boiler Maker Jazz Band is amazing. And they're all very sweet. Especially since they put up with our toddler running amok during the entire set. Finn wasn't content to just shake his booty in one spot. He had to run from one end of the auditorium to the other, showing his moves to the entire crowd. Oy vay.
We've had a few visitors since we moved in. First our friend Liz came with her gorgeous girl Melia. She and I took the kidlings to the Children's Museum for some fun. Below they're playing in a huge bird nest exhibit. Which was adorable until they both started chucking the eggs at other kids.

And then over Memorial Day weekend our friends Jess and Daryl came to stay with the adorable Jonah in tow. Finn didn't quite know what to make of a kid younger than him. First he was wary, then a little jealous and finally settled on quiet plotting. In between though we managed to take a group trip to the zoo. The was that the boys would nap on the way there and be refreshed and bright-eyed for the animals. And of course they did not. Hence we dealt with a bit of crankiness during the trip, but then they passed out simultaneously on the ride home. And really, who could hold a grudge against ones that look so damn cute when they sleep? Having them here was awesome. It's not often we get to hang out with families that have the same parenting views that we do, so it was super refreshing. In a dream world they would live right next door to us.

And then the following weekend Papa Bill (Steve's dad) cam to visit for the day and took us to the zoo. Again. And again there was no napping on the way there. Sigh. But I did manage to get a shot of all three generations together, so I guess it wasn't a horrible trip.

Lastly, Finn with the positively crazy lilies that sprouted along the garage. The don't even look real. And this is the first picture where you can see Finn's teeth. He finally has some. Holy cow! Of course said teeth have lead to a crazy sleep regression (he still has more coming in) and general crankiness on just about every one's part.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! New post! I figured with the new house, toddler and life you'd just gotten busy, but I was pleasantly surprised to see your comment on my blog :) Hope all is well, despite the lack of naps in the post ;-)

Finn is getting so big! My goodness. And don't you love watching him dance? I know when Bug gets going I can't help but pretty much fall over giggling.

A friend of mine had a similar issue with the sleep regression recently. They think it was related to a growth spurt, but I'm thinking it's teeth too since they're little one at 16 months is just now getting his first few. It's so hard when our little ones go backwards for a few days and then leap and bound forward again.

Ok, I'm gonna go read your other new post now :) I love reading adventures of other mamas with similar aged children.