Thursday, July 30, 2009

Baking today. More zucchini bread. I'm fairly certain I could bake a loaf for every family in Butler County and still have more zucchini than I could possibly eat in a life time. We absolutely will not need to plant any next year. After this loaf is done I need to come up with something to take with me to the dance tonight to share. I considered a veggie tray, but then realized it would consist of nothing but cucumbers, zucchini and carrots. Steve eats all the cherry tomatoes before I even see them and our bell peppers aren't ripe yet. So I guess I'll be scouring through my cookbooks in search of something uncomplicated but tasty.

Finn has been amazing us all lately. He's been doing this astounding thing called "sleeping through the night", which I've heard about but never experienced before. And he's been going to bed without a fuss again, like he was before he came down with roseola and threw us all into a sleep-deprived loop. It's been heaven to say the least.

And a funny Finn incident that I forgot to post earlier. He and I were at Target a few weeks ago and I was perusing the lingerie department for some new undies. Finn spots the bras and yells at the top of his little lungs "BOOBIES!!!!! BOOBIES!!! MOMMY! BOOBIES! BOOOOO-BEEEEEES!" Just when I think my face can't get any redder, he then makes a near successful attempt at pulling my dress down to grab my boobs. For a boy that likes boobs so much, you'd think he would have nursed longer. Sigh.

Okay, loaf is done. Time to invent something for tonight!

I tweaked a recipe for apricot spice bars using fresh Chambersburgh peaches from our local co-op. Oh. My. God. I do NOT want to share them. A second batch is going to have to be made because I'm sure I could wolf down this entire tray right now.

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Joe Pontillo said...

Sounds like he takes after his old man