Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Crazy baby on the loose

Oh my.
Finn has gotten two teeth. The first appeared the day before Thanksgiving and the other started cutting through on the holiday. And there's another one just about cut through on top. He's got quite the bite. For such little teeth they sure are sharp. His crawling and pulling up and cruising has reached new heights of pandemonium. We can hardly keep up with him. And with his new chompers coming in and making him quite irate in the process he's been on an eating and napping strike this past week. And his sleeping at night has been fairly awful. No amount of cuddling and snuggling and rocking can get him soundly back to sleep. He'll pass out in my arms, actually be snoring softly (awww, cute), but the minute his little behind touches mattress he's wide awake and mad as hell about it. I just keep repeating "This too shall pass" and enjoy the snuggles and his warm breath on my neck and try not to think too much about the teeny number of hours (or perhaps minutes) of sleep we're all getting.

As for our holiday, all went well. We all ate way too much, including Finn. He's discovered the greatness that is noodles. He slurped them down like he'd never see another one. And we managed to put off the impending shopping til yesterday. Steve and I ventured out sans baby to pick him up a few things. I was pretty put-off by the huge amount of electronic baby toys available versus the tiny number of actual educational toys. I'm already annoyed with Nana buying and pushing blinking, beeping toys at Finn. To actually see them in HUGE amounts all in one area was mind-boggling. Ugh. And knowing that millions of kids will be receiving these stupid things in a few short weeks is pretty mind-boggling as well. What ever happened to playing WITH your child? What happened to actually being hands on and helping them make new discoveries? Color me aggravated.

Now that I'm good and riled up, its probably best for me to relax with Steve for a bit. Before Finn wakes up and yells at all of us.

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