Saturday, May 2, 2009

Time sure flies.

We've been in our new place for a month now. Finn is growing and learning like crazy. He has 45, that's right, 45 words. We keep a running list on our fridge. My personal favorites are "pickle", "baby" and "belly button". Just now he came in and informed me that he saw a bug. He's such a smart little guy. And he dances. Oh, how he dances. He grooves to any music, even random noises set him off into a fit of bum shaking. This past week we had our friend Liz and her 18 month old daughter Melia visiting us. They had such fun. On Friday we took them to the Children's Museum. And even though they were both beyond tired, they had a blast playing with each other and the other wee ones. Worst point of their visit (and it wasn't terrible) was Melia getting into the bath last night and we discovered a tick stuck to her thigh. It was easily removed, but we definitely need to get our backyard treated now. Finn went for a walk with us a few weeks ago and came back with a tick on his neck, but we assumed that it had come from the deep, dark woods. Not from our sunny, warm, wide open back yard. Yuck.

The garden has yet to get tilled up. We've been waiting,and waiting, and waiting for our landlady's tiller to come back from getting fixed since she had said we could borrow it. She finally called us today and reported that it would be back any day now, though this is what she said two weeks ago. I suppose we shouldn't panic though since our seeds just started sprouting last week. They've moved from our cellar shelves to a nice sunny table in the spar room. All our sprouts are doing nicely except for our peppers. Both our sweet and hot peppers will NOT sprout. Very mysterious. I may give them another try, but we'll most likely end up buying seedlings from a nursery. If anyone has any tips for starting these little buggers from seeds, it would be greatly appreciated.

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